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Important Travel Information

Arriving safely & quickly to Solden – Snow chains and winter tyres

For your journey to Solden: Winter tyres and snow chains are an absolute must if you plan to arrive by car.

The winter sports centre of Solden lures skiers from around the globe with the most snow-sure slopes in the entire alpine regions. The pistes with gorgeous powder snow are your guarantee for unrivalled skiing fun. And to pass the partly snow-covered roads in Solden it is obligatory to have winter tyres on your car as well as snow chains. Check the grip of your winter tyres before you embark on the journey to Solden, as only winter tyres which still have sufficient grip will ensure a safe ride.

Winter holidays in Solden, Austria: Bring snow chains

The following article from the Automobile Association will inform you in detail about how to use snow chains – from putting them on to using them on ice.

Conditions for putting on snow chains

The weather conditions have a great influence on the actual time it takes to put snow chains on and the grading of the different snow chain systems (except Quick Systems). All systems are harder to put on in snow and ice than on dry streets and in mild climatic conditions.

Snow chains should therefore be put on at least once to practice before you embark on your journey, even though this might seem overly cautious. Snow chains can be tricky to use for the first time, and the danger of putting them on incorrectly and possible damage to the chains and car are more likely.


Tests have shown that almost all snow chains that have been used on wet and salty streets and then put back into their packaging without cleaning them were completely corroded after a couple of months and therefore could not be reused.

Your snow chains must be cleaned properly with clear water and put back into their packaging completely dry to prevent them from becoming corroded.

Snow chains on ice

Braking with snow chains on ice does not produce convincing results – often they provide a worse result than with winter tyres alone.

A snow chain is never a replacement for a winter tyre. Do not use snow chains for any other purpose than driving on snow covered roads.

Loose snow chains

Tests have shown that snow chains that have been put on too loosely will hardly impact on the driving conditions. If snow chains are too loose, parts of the chain will hit the vehicle and potentially cause damage to brakes, ABS sensors and wheel suspension.

When putting snow chains (including when using Quick Systems) always control the actual fit and tension of the snow chains!


Snow chains are not a replacement for winter tyres. Please use both, as winter tyres are a legal requirement starting on the 1st of November or when encountering winter driving conditions in Austria.

If you do have any more questions regarding winter tyres, snow chains or your journey to your winter holidays in Sölden, please contact the hotel team by means of the no obligation online enquiry or call the Edelweiss team on +43 5254/2298.


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Beste prijsgarantie

Boek uw verblijf in Skihotel Edelweiss.

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